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Silver League: Week 2 Streaming Details

The Silver League rolls into its second week of action, with teams like Pathetic Gaming, Danger Close, HU3, Envy, Lincoln Brigade, and Tomato Stealers all bunched at the top of the standings thanks to perfect, 2-0 records.

Can they survive the onslaught of veteran teams nipping at their heels?

Check out the WGLNA Silver League stream Monday and Wednesday nights beginning at 18:30 PT to find out, as Lincoln Brigade takes on WarNPeace, Pathetic Gaming goes to war with Tomato Stealers, Get Flanked battles Ze Foxey Baddies, and Danger Close puts their undefeated record on the line against Tactical Yolo.




Twitch Channel

Monday, Dec. 14
(18:30 PT)
Allurai & RatZilla Lincoln Brigade vs. WarNPeace
Monday, Dec. 14
(18:30 PT)
Inchon & Eural Pathetic Gaming vs. Tomato Stealers
Wednesday, Dec. 16 (18:30 PT) Allurai & RatZilla Get Flanked vs. Ze Foxey Baddies
Wednesday, Dec. 16 (18:30 PT) LostThatLovinFeeling Danger Close vs. Tactical Yolo