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90% of Players Will Win! March Mapness Super Tournament

Looking to win a Type 59? How about a KV-5 or a Cromwell B? These valuable tanks are featured prizes in Wargaming's March Mapness Super Tournament, with other great prizes that can be won by 90% of the teams that enter -- consumables, Premium time and other great tanks are just part of the lineup.

Entering this tournament -- or any of our tournaments -- is easier than ever. Simply choose the tournament you wish to enter on the revamped Tournament page, then decide to join an existing team or create one of your own. Once that's set, the schedule, bracket type and all other information will appear on the tournament's page, plus news at the top and in your game client.

Watch the client notifications so you don't miss out on any action; a special window will open prompting you to join the battle. Make sure to be online at the correct time, because you don't want to let down your team when they're short a player (and when prizes like these are available).

From there, it's simple: Win and reap your rewards! After battle, the tournament's results will be displayed on its page, and you'll be able to learn the positions of all competing teams. If your team did earn prizes, they will be added to your account automatically.

Registration | Find A Team | Tournament Page

What are you waiting for? Get your shot at the Mapness and bring home that Type 59!


Group Stage Round 1 Friday, March 18 18:00 PT
Group Stage Round 2 Saturday, March 19 15:00 PT
Group Stage Round 3 Saturday, March 19 18:00 PT
Group Stage Round 4 Sunday, March 20 15:00 PT
Group Stage Round 5 Sunday, March 20 18:00 PT


Top 1% of Teams Type 59 + 20,000+  3 months Premium time + Coated Optics + Vertical Stabilizer + Medium Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
Top 2-3% of Teams KV-5 + 17,000 + 2 months Premium time
Top 4-5% of Teams Type 62 + 15,000 + 1 month Premium time
Top 6-10% of Teams AMX 13 57 GF + 12,000 + 14 days Premium time
Top 11-20% of Teams Cromwell B + 10,000 + 7 days Premium time
Top 21-30% of Teams TOG II* + 6,000
Top 31-40% of Teams Churchill III + 4,000
Top 41-50% of Teams T14 + 2,500
Top 51-60% of Teams M4 Improved + 1,500
Top 61-70% of Teams Pz. Kpfw. S35 739 (f) + 1,000
Top 71-80% of Teams 750
Top 81-85% of Teams One of every Premium consumable, plus a pack of Personal Reserves
Top 86-90% of Teams One pack of Personal Reserves

For more information on how to join tournaments, check out our "How To" guide!