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Prizes Abound in the March Mapness Super Tournament

March Mapness is a time for intense competition celebrated on the biggest stage. To honor the buzzer beaters and diaper dandies coast to coast, Wargaming is kicking off a month of competitive play with a tournament featuring prizes for 90% of teams, including coveted Premium tanks like the Type 59!

The tournament breakdown is simple: it's 4v4, tier V action played across three days and five rounds. Win matches to move up the leaderboards and win more prestigious prizes, with the top 1% being rewarded with a Type 59 that comes with 20,000and 3 months of Premium time, plus equipment like Coated Optics, a Vertical Stabilizer, and a Medium Caliber Tank Gun Rammer.

Sign up today for your shot at bringing home the glory… and the Gold!

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Group Stage Round 1 Friday, March 18 18:00 PT
Group Stage Round 2 Saturday, March 19 15:00 PT
Group Stage Round 3 Saturday, March 19 18:00 PT
Group Stage Round 4 Sunday, March 20 15:00 PT
Group Stage Round 5 Sunday, March 20 18:00 PT


Top 1% of Teams Type 59 + 20,000+  3 months Premium time + Coated Optics + Vertical Stabilizer + Medium Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
Top 2-3% of Teams KV-5 + 17,000 + 2 months Premium time
Top 4-5% of Teams Type 62 + 15,000 + 1 month Premium time
Top 6-10% of Teams AMX 13 57 GF + 12,000 + 14 days Premium time
Top 11-20% of Teams Cromwell B + 10,000 + 7 days Premium time
Top 21-30% of Teams TOG II* + 6,000
Top 31-40% of Teams Churchill III + 4,000
Top 41-50% of Teams T14 + 2,500
Top 51-60% of Teams M4 Improved + 1,500
Top 61-70% of Teams Pz. Kpfw. S35 739 (f) + 1,000
Top 71-80% of Teams 750
Top 81-85% of Teams One of every Premium consumable, plus a pack of Personal Reserves
Top 86-90% of Teams One pack of Personal Reserves

 For more information, check out the March Mapness forum thread