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Introducing WGLNA Fantasy Tanks

Sorting through Swipple’s staggering league stats, you might think of him as the Aaron Rodgers of World of Tanks.

If so, then we have quite the challenge for you, as Wargaming is officially bringing fantasy eSports to World of Tanks, with WGLNA fans picking their favorite pros, then competing for prizes as they watch their team earn points that can lead to rewards ranging from a Type 59 to 10,000 to a trip to this season’s Regional Finals.

How it Works

If you’re new to the fantasy sports world, the setup is simple: Select a 7-player squad (maximum 2 players from each WGLNA Gold team), then set your lineup and watch as everything from damage dealt to capture points are tabulated, and the more points your team scores, the more likely you’ll be to move up the leaderboards, putting you in contention to win prizes based on Top Score of the Night, Top Score of the Quarter, Top Score of the Season, and even bonus prizes like The Perfect Score (picking the lineup that scores the maximum possible points total).

And, as awards are given out throughout the season, it’s never too late to join! You can still score valuable Gold and Premium time on any given night you participate.

The WGLNA Fantasy site is more than just a contest placeholder, however -- Gold League die-hards will find the most in-depth statistical analysis of the league anywhere on the Web, with stats that drill down to team and player performance specific to maps, not to mention team records specific to tank composition.

So if you’re a fan of World of Tanks or fantasy sports, it’s time to not just watch the WGLNA, but play along! You never know -- you might just end up with a Type 59 thanks to the Aaron Rodgers of World of Tanks.