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I Love Lamp, eLevate Join S.I.M.P., Cunninghams in WGLNA Finals

When the WGLNA Gold League captains were informally polled before Season 5 about who they saw in the Finals, not one person said The Cunninghams. But here we are, with only a few weeks to go before the Live Finals play out Sunday, March 15 inside San Francisco’s Folsom Street Foundry (admission is free at the door!), and The Cunninghams are sitting pretty as the number one seed, thanks to their first place finish in the regular season.

So why are they still not the favorites to win it all?

Maybe because their only two losses of the season came against two of the three teams still left in the tournament, as The Cunninghams lost to both I Love Lamp (4-5) and S.I.M.P. (0-5) earlier this season. Luckily for The Cunninghams, their first round opponent, eLevate, is the only remaining team they managed to defeat. Not that eLevate should be taken lightly, as after their loss to The Cunninghams in Week 3, the team formerly known as Burn All Empires won 10 of its last 11 matches, including playoff victories over defending champs RUlette and veterans Hammer Time, to setup their Final Four showdown against AMartin and crew.


Speaking of hot teams, I Love Lamp has simply been scorching on their way to The Bay, winning nine in a row heading into their match-up against S.I.M.P., including a 5-3 victory over their semifinals opponent. But how will the Gold League’s youngest team fare under the bright lights of a Live Final? Can they overcome a screaming crowd to take down one of the most decorated teams in World of Tanks history?


Tune into Twitch March 15 to find out! Semifinal matches are set to begin at 12:15 PM PST, with the Finals firing off at 5:00 PM PST.

Until then, check out some of the latest news and player interviews to get to know a few of the stars who will be competing for the $171,000 prize pool (including $75,000 for first place).

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