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Attack/Defense Invades WGL eSports

The battlefield is about to change, and the days of championship camping have (thankfully!) come to an end.

Attack/Defense mode is storming into World of Tanks eSports this season, introducing a new 7/54 feature that promises to reinvigorate the battles with clearly defined team goals, encouraging  gamers to engage in heated seven-minute combat rounds.

New Lineups

For those new to eSports, 7/54 means that teams will now be comprised of seven members whose combined tank tiers must total 54 points (as opposed to last season’s 7/42). This means that for the first time, teams will be comprised of either: five players in tier VIII tanks and two in tier VII, or six players in tier VIII tanks and one in tier VI.

What does this mean for the competition? Gone are the tier I drivers, making every kill matter that much more. It also opens the door for some lineup experimentation, with the RU 251s sure to dominate alongside the IS-3 and Walker Bulldog, some will even be attempting to add tier VI arty into the mix.

Attackers and Defenders

On top of that, one team will now be designated attackers, while their opponents will be designated defenders. For the attacking team to win, they must capture at least one of the two enemy bases on the map or destroy all defenders. On the flip side, the defense wins by either destroying all attackers or by fighting until time expires without giving up a single base capture.

For the Gold League Season 5, that means that teams will now face off on two maps per match-up, with each squad switching roles after two rounds (for example: attack, attack, defense, defense), before moving on to the next map.

Thoughts From the Pros

“This is a dramatic shift in World of Tanks and the future of eSports,” says S.I.M.P.’s LAPSE.  “I think we’re going to see some very interesting gameplay and some very interesting tactics now because there are a lot more restrictions for people to get around, and that’s going to force people to be both innovative and creative. We’re going to see a new meta develop and I don’t think that new meta is going to develop before the league starts. I believe we will see the strategies evolve before our eyes as everyone figures out the best way to play."

“I think the tier VIIs that are going to be played are the most interesting. The mobility and the sighting that the RU 251 does right now is going to be overshadowed by the Bulldogs and LTTBs. The tier Is were blind before. They were like fingers feeling around on the map. Now these new tier VII light tanks are going to bring a lot of information to the game, meanwhile there will be more powerful mediums and more powerful heavy tanks being played because they won’t be needed as much to spot. I think the RU 251 will be more balanced, as it would have been unbalanced in 7/42. Luckily, we’re changing formats.”

GooglyBobber’s Zomb1eFood agrees: “With the new rules, one team is going to have to do something. There’s no more time to just sit around and camp. Before, the game was just really slow and everyone was taking advantage of the tier I trip mines to counteract somebody’s play. With this new system, you should be able to play more aggressively and win more aggressively. It just means so much more now when you lose one of your tanks. If you lost your tier I, it didn’t matter. But now, if you try to hide, you’re going to be found and you’re going to be crushed. But if you’re moving around and supporting each other, you should be fine. I think it will be just so much more fun to play. Then when you add in the additional tier points, and you take away the tier Is, that really makes a big difference to us because we want every tank in the fight to be effective, especially with two tier VII scouts. The new Walker Bulldog will be perfect for that, especially with its high damage output and its ability to roam around the map really quickly.

“The new modes and new team standards are really going to shake things up.”

As for the defending champs from #RU (now calling themselves RUlette), Sov13t believes the new rules will help rejuvenate World of Tanks as an eSport. “We’re happy to see that finally eSports is getting the attention it deserves from the game’s developers,” he says. “The game before was so restrictive and so plain, it wasn’t fun to watch for the audience. With the changes to Season 5, the game is going to evolve dramatically. With the two cap circles, the game is going to be much more dynamic. A team can no longer be known for being passive, and if they are, that passive play will get you a loss. You need to be aggressive, and your team needs to be a lot more dynamic if you want to pull out the victory. Map control will be key.”

Adds Victorious Secret’s RummYY: “I like the fact that there aren’t tier Is now. Everyone now actually has to play a meaningful tank and if you play aggressive, you’ll finally be rewarded.

“Should make for an unpredictable season.”