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Type 62 is Here for 24 Hours!

It wouldn't be a true Carnival celebration without inviting a few VIPs to the party. One of the invitees, an elusive vehicle not seen in a while, has replied back saying it'll make a brief, early appearance to the celebration. Hard to spot and always lurking in the shadows (or bushes), one of the special guests is the Type 62 -- a tier VII Chinese Premium light tank known to only come out to the most epic events!

Much like the WZ-131, the Type 62 relies on its low-profile, good camouflage values and mobility to avoid all incoming fire. As a light tank, your primary role on the battlefield will be to scout for your teammates, pick off distracted enemies, and be an artillery hunter when the opportunity presents itself. You won't want to stay in one spot for long, so use its agility to relocate and keep the enemy guessing where that next shot will come from. For those decisive moments, the Type 62 comes well-armed with an 85mm gun boasting excellent accuracy and reload times. As a scout, the use of your gun shouldn't be your primary focus, but in rough situations, it can certainly help ward off the enemy.

Always elusive and not one to stick around till the end, the Type 62 is available in the Premium Shop for just 24 hours -- yes, 24 HOURS! This Friday, pick up this rare light tank and add some Credit-earning, Crew training potential to your light tank arsenal! 

Start Date: Friday, February 13, 03:00 PST / 11:00 UTC
End Date: Saturday, February 14, 03:00 PST / 11:00 UTC

Type 62 - $49.99

VII Type 62 Type 62

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30 Days of Premium

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