Now Available: Tanks for Bonds!

The new Season of Ranked Battles — one of the most challenging modes in World of Tanks — just kicked off with a reworked progression system. Along with its launch, you have the opportunity to make the best use of the Bonds you’ve earned in its battles.

You can purchase Premium and Reward vehicles for Bonds in the updated in-game shop — directly in your game client. Get ready to get great deals and expand your tank collection with glorious armored machines — vehicles like the U.S. M60 Tier X medium tank!

Get Great Vehicles for Your Collection

Tanks for Bonds are permanently available in the in-game shop, in a separate tab.

Over time we'll add new vehicles and remove some old ones, so the lineup will change. The following vehicles are now available for Bonds:

X 121B   15,000 Bonds
X M60   15,000 Bonds
X FV215b   12,000 Bonds
VIII AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté   8,000 Bonds
VIII T26E5 Patriot   8,000 Bonds
VIII Panzer 58 Mutz   8,000 Bonds
VIII STG Guard   8,000 Bonds
V Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.   3,000 Bonds
V T-34 shielded   1,500 Bonds
V M10 RBFM   1,500 Bonds

Each vehicle includes a free Garage slot and 100% trained Crew.

Among these offerings are some powerful rarities, so don’t miss the opportunity to park exclusive steel predators in your Garage! Seize this chance to purchase Tier X tanks to start your Ranked Battles journey, or strengthen your position on the leaderboard.