Beware: "The Snail Squad" has (Finally) Arrived!

We're big. We're tough. We've got guns. We're slow, but that's why we're called "The Snail Squad" — we have the lowest Top Speed rating of all Premium vehicles in the game. It might take us a while to get to the party, but once we arrive things really get going. Don't laugh — we're serious.

Certain situations call for a sledgehammer — you know, a vehicle that can roll with the punches long enough to roll up to enemies and deliver a knockout blow. That's why you should call us: The few, the (kinda) proud, the members of "The Snail Squad."

Laugh at us again and we'll put a hole in you.

We're two heavy tanks and a tank destroyer that form a trio of tough heavy mechanized metal. Sure, you'll usually see us coming (stealth is not our strength), but we can take lots of damage and dish it back, too — in an offensive or support role. So if you're a tanker who prefers a machete over a scalpel, give us a good look. You can buy all three of us together, or individually in several different bundles with various pieces of equipment, boosters, and other goodies.

Sale: "The Snail Squad"

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"The Snail Squad" Bundle

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