The Long-Ranger: Get the ISU-130 Before It's Gone!

The ISU-130 is about to scurry on out of the Premium Shop, and this one is a doozy — with the highest DPM rating of all Tier VIII vehicles, this TD can spit destruction from afar with superb accuracy. Don't take our word for it; our own TragicLoss counts it as one of her personal favorites. Just make sure to keep your distance, as its weak armor won't sustain a point-blank shot. Here's a video of the ISU-130 tearing up the enemy team:

Visit our article for more information. There are four bundles available, each with a plethora of bonuses, including equipment, Personal Reserves, and more. Plus, each bundle comes with 100% Crew!

You can add this Tier VIII terror to your garage until January 28, so don't delay — prepare to slay!