Last Chance to Pick Up the Eagle 7!

Time is running out to pick up our latest member of the Pershing family, the VII T26E3 Eagle 7  ! Don't be turned off by this tier VII Premium tank's limited mobility - in the right hands, the Eagle 7 can swoop in and shoot down unsuspecting enemies with its well-balanced stats and powerful gun.

Speaking of, the Eagle 7 has quite the history behind it. Check out our video interview with Clarence Smoyer, the famed gunner who put the real Eagle 7 through its paces, famously taking down a Panther during the Battle of Cologne.


Here's what some of our players are saying about our latest punishing Pershing!

PanzerGruppenstaffe : "You just gotta know their tricksies... range and camo and DPM. Don't cross open stuff with your flank exposed to them. Any same tier tank with a turret can handle them otherwise."

Coachbfgi : "Its single best trait is its camo rating... its fun when you have someone that can spot for you and you can stay hidden and pew-pew a heavy to death :D"

Guido1212 : "Overall it's a solid tier VII Premium and a good US trainer as well as a competent medium and a decent credit maker."

24_inch_pythons : "The gun is very nice. The armor is decent. The mobility is ok. It's not fast, that's for sure. But it's able to get around the battlefield just fine. The tank has two drawbacks... climbing hills and a low penetration premium shell. Neither are killers."

Ded_man : "It's actually a lot better than paper stats would have you believe in regard to the gun handling. Speed, meh, it's not like a Super Pershing but it's not T20 speedy either. Really digging it."

gideonan : "I find the gun to be really good. Pen is low but I was snapping shots off pretty accurately. The armor wasn't bad. Not great but can bounce a bit if you go hull down and make them work for every hit."

Picklefish44 : "Realy enjoying mine. I'm a ripe tomato but had an exceptional day in it. 39 matches, 61% win rate so far. 10% above my average. Looking forward to even more tomorrow."

Talk is cheap, but seeing is believing. Check out these clips of the Eagle 7 in action, and grab this historical treasure before it's gone!