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Advent Calendar 2016: Daily Tank Sales!

Don't forget to check in on World of Tanks among all the holiday madness! This year we have the World of Tanks Advent Calendar, featuring exciting deals in the Premium Shop all the way to December 25! 

The calendar unveils new specials every day, and each one lasts only 24 hours (though some special bundles may stretch on longer). We won't spoil every surprise, but look forward to big discounts, rare tanks, and even some all-new vehicles!

The best deals are available in the first 24 hours of each tank reveal, but if you miss the window, don't worry! We'll be selling its basic bundle for at least five days afterwards.

On top of this, you can get an additional holiday gift. Just continue to visit the Advent Calendar and keep an eye out for the "scratchable" yellow spot, which reveals a piece of a bonus code. Collect all eight pieces and redeem the full code here to receive your gift! 

Advent Calendar Dates
First Advent Bundle:
 December 1, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET

Last Advent Bundle: December 24, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET

Advent Calendar

Check the Advent Calendar every day for the daily reveal and a piece of the bonus code!