Thank You to Our Community!

The World of Tanks Community has shown us time and time again we're more than just Tank enthusiasts. We are a community of players with big hearts at the ready to give our everything for those who have served. Twice in 2021 we've completely blown past our Charity Drive goals and reached new heights.

For our October Raise Shell charity drive, we set a goal of raising $25K; when all was said and done, we raised $41K with all proceeds donated to charity. This would have been impossible without your generosity.

We've shown the USO the community of World of Tanks PC North America has a passion and drive—not just for the game we play—but also for the support of Active Duty, Veterans, and those who have given everything. It has been a wonderful experience so far and we look forward to seeing what we can do next.

To everyone who watched, donated, shared, or streamed for the October 34-Hour Raise Shell Marathon Charity Stream, we thank you from the whole of our hearts.

—TragicLoss the Streaming Dinosaur and your World of Tanks Americas Publishing Team

If you wish to donate to the USO, please check the following link: