To Our Community: Thank You!

To the World of Tanks Community,

An overdue thank you is in order. You never cease to amaze us with your generosity. Our recent Project Uplift Donation Drive Streams, for instance:

  • On January 15, we presented the first part of our fundraising stream with a goal of $6K; we receieved $12.5K.
  • On January 29, we presented the second part of our fundraising stream with a revised goal of $2.5K; we received $6.5K.
  • All said and done, we recieved $19K in donations for Project Uplift.

With that in mind, we have a special message from Ontario Regiment Museum personnel for our participating Community Contributors and all those who donated:

To our Community from the World of Tanks NA Team:

Thank you all for contributing to the invaluable initiatives our WoTNA publishing team in Austin has the opportunity to participate in and promote. Charitable player-run events within our Americas region are crucial to the greater historical and military communities, and to the success of many hopeful organizers. Our community continues to display a high regard for camaraderie and fellowship when faced with prospects that may seem unachievable. The Ontario Regiment Museum has been an amazing partner to our team and our community. We truly appreciate the kindness and heart that continues to rally behind us to show what we can do together.

TragicLoss and the WoTNA Publishing Team of Austin, TX.

Goose's Phenomenal Fundraiser (Part 1) on January 15
Stream Team:
oldmanthewise • tacticalillusion • Quinnetic • TalkTo_MeGoose • DamiensGaming • 13Disciple

Bted's Birthday Bash (Part 2) on January 29
Stream Team:
BTed72 • CM1994 • Deadmeat_BC_ • OminousFyxen • Sofilein

For those who wish to donate to Project Uplift, please click the orange button: