Project Uplift Donation Drive Streams: Part 2


Please join us for the second part of our fund-raising event on January 29 to benefit the Ontario Regiment (RCAC) Museum. Specifically, all donations go to Project Uplift, which will help the disabled enter and exit operational military vehicles. The initiative is in collaboration with Wounded Warriors Canada. Here's your chance to watch some informative streams, win awesome items (including a Tier VIII Premium vehicle), and help an amazing cause!

The first part on January 15 was a rousing success, with approximately $12.5K in donations (the original goal was half that amount). For the second part we raised the bar with a revised goal of $2.5K—up from the original $1K. All said and done, we hope to raise $15K total from both parts of the charity stream.

Part 2: Saturday, January 29

Donation Goal: $1K $2.5K

BTed72 Deadmeat_BC_ 10:00-12:00 PT | 12:00-14:00 CT | 13:00-15:00 ET
CM1994 12:00-14:00 PT | 14:00-16:00 CT | 15:00-17:00 ET
OminousFyxen 14:00-16:00 PT | 16:00-18:00 CT | 17:00-19:00 ET
Sofilein 16:00-18:00 PT | 18:00-20:00 CT | 19:00-21:00 ET

During Bted's Birthday Bash stream, viewers have a chance to win the following items (each prize can be awarded to the same person no more than once):

Prize 1: Prize 2:

Every other hour, one watcher is selected who can choose one of the following vehicles:

Each vehicle includes a 100% Crew and Garage Slot.

Every 30 minutes, one watcher is selected who gets the following package:

  • 14 DaysWoT Premium Account
  • V T14  
    • Gun Rammer Class 2
    • 100%Crew
    • Garage Slot
  • VI T78  (14-Day Rental)
    • Improved Ventilation Class 1
    • 100%Crew

You don't have to wait to donate! Please see the following link for complete information: