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Watch Club Wargamers Livestream a New Tank!

On October 8, we're sending some of our best Club Wargaming livestreamers out to the front lines!

As members of Club Wargaming, the streamers below have been handed the keys to a very special tank ahead of its official Monster Mayhem reveal next week. If you want to be among the first to see this new tank in action, check the schedule and be sure to tune in for (at least) one of the broadcasts on October 8. 


Thursday, October 8

10:00 PT

12:00 PT

13:00 PT


15:00 PT


17:00 PT

19:00 PT

20:30 PT



About Club Wargaming

Club Wargaming is designed to feature all the extraordinary parts of our community, from livestreamers and wiki volunteers to active forum members and mentors.

As a hand-picked volunteer of Club Wargaming, you could receive special perks and rewards. We're planning special t-shirts, patches, and other unique Wargaming-branded items to show off to your friends and fellow gamers at any of our numerous player gatherings, streams, and events.

To become a volunteer in Club Wargaming, all you have to do is continue what you've been doing: streaming our games, helping out your fellow players in the forums, or leading the effort to build our massive wiki guide database and other fan pages. If we notice your efforts, we'll reach out! Meanwhile, keep your eyes on the forums for new announcements and other details!