Warspot Digest for April 2021

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Warspot Digest: April 2021

M4A3E2: Beefy Sherman Jumbo [READ MORE]

American light and medium tanks had distinctively well balanced characteristics in WWII. The Americans rarely went too far in the armour department, reasoning that the mobility of a tank is one of its most important characteristics. However, the idea of building a tank with improved protection was not alien to them. One of these tanks was the specialized M4A3E2 tank, the best protected medium tank of WWII. Even though few were made, the M4A3E2 fought actively and proved itself to be an effective weapon.

Stillborn Maus [READ MORE]

The Pz.Kpfw. Maus is one of the most famous German tanks. It was the heaviest tank ever built in history. Opinions about the Maus tend to be extreme opposites, some believe that the Maus was the Wehrmacht's last hope, others say that it was the proverbial straw that broke the back of German industry. As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. The Maus was unlikely to save Germany, but it would have been a nasty thorn in the side of the Allies if it ever reached the battlefield. German industry didn't need to apply any kind of heroic effort to produce it. However, the damage dealt to German industry was so severe that the Maus was impossible to produce by the fall of 1943.

TOG tanks: Landships Left in Port [READ MORE]

How to make a tank for the Second World War according to the recipes of the First World War? The answer from the British designers from The Old Gang: TOG 1 and TOG 2 tanks, which were supposed to surpass Churchill, but went to the dustbin of history.

SU-100: Optimal Modernization [READ MORE]

The SU-85 ended up being the most numerous Soviet self-propelled mount of the war. However, the question of its successor was already raised at the start of its production. The cause of this was information from the Kursk salient about new German Panther tanks and Ferdinand tank destroyers. A program to develop a gun more powerful than the D-5 was launched in September of 1943. The result was the SU-100, the best Soviet medium self-propelled mount of the war.