The Finest Half Hour: The Legendary T-34


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World War II was a war of scientific breakthroughs and technological innovation. The war years saw the development of the first computer, the launch of powerful rockets like the V2, and the creation of the deadliest weapon ever to be used in war: the atomic bomb. There were also rapid advances in tank design, as each nation tried to out armor and outgun its foes. Join us as we explore how interwar ‘light tank’ thinking gave way to heavier, more powerful tanks like the T-34 and later-model Panzers. 

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To tell this story, Wargaming has teamed up with The Tank Museum, Bovington in the U.K. to highlight some of the tanks featured in upcoming episodes of The Finest Half Hour. This week we shine a spotlight on one of the best all-around tanks of WWII: The T-34. With a 76 mm gun and 60 degree sloped armor that provided excellent protection against anti-tank weapons, the T-34 was a fearsome opponent on the battlefield.

The T-34-85 housed at the Bovington Tank Museum is a post-war model, with improved transmission and other upgrades. It was captured in the Korean War and shipped to the U.K. for study.

German troops outside Warsaw
T-34-85 at the Bovington Tank Museum.
(Photo: Bovington Tank Museum)
Soviet T-34-85 in Bucharest
(Photo: Bovington Tank Museum)

The Finest Half Hour is a podcast series that dives into the history and stories of World War II. It is brought to you by Wargaming and narrated by British Army veteran, and armored warfare instructor, Richard Cutland.

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Richard "The Challenger" Cutland