The Finest Half Hour: The Fall of France


The fourth episode of our podcast series, The Finest Half Hour, is now available!

The Twilight War is over. The battle for Europe's largest democracy has begun. Germany gambles everything on a plan of attack the rest of the world thought impossible. Total surprise throws French forces into disarray. What should have been a prolonged war becomes a race for the coast. Will the Germans destroy the last free forces in Europe?

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French Maginot Line
(Photo: wikicommons)

Map of the French Maginot Line
(Photo: wikicommons)

Panzer II and Panzer I in the Ardennes, May 1940
(Photo: Public Domain)

The Finest Half Hour is a podcast series that dives into the history and stories of World War II. It is brought to you by Wargaming and narrated by British Army veteran, and armored warfare instructor, Richard Cutland.

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Richard "The Challenger" Cutland