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A Pro's Take on the M46 Patton KR

General News
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One of the more terrifying medium tanks on the American line, the M46 "Tiger" Patton KR, is on sale for a limited time! If you're not sure it's your cup of tea, check out what Unknown0ne from WGLNA's RivaL has to say about it.

The Good

  • Good gun handling
  • Decent maneuverability
  • Excellent gun depression (10 degrees)
  • Decent view range (390m) for a medium tank

The Bad

  • Below average damage per minute (~1,800)
  • Mediocre top speed (48.3 km/h)
  • Armor isn't reliable against most opponents

The Ugly

  • Can encounter tier X tanks

Reasons to Buy

  • Unique tiger camo! 
  • It's a Premium version of the quintessential American medium tank
  • Trains American medium tank Crews

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You want a Premium American medium tank with more variety to it (pick up the T26E4 SuperPershing)
  • You prefer mobility to unreliable armor (try the AMX Chasseur de Chars)
  • You're looking for something a bit heavier (try the T34 or IS-6)

Play Style

The M46 Patton KR is a well-rounded tank: it provides long-range support with its accurate gun, and can brawl on the front lines thanks to its HP and armor. Where it really excels though is in terrain that allows it to exploit its excellent gun depression.


Because this tank is a jack-of-all-trades, you can choose to focus on maximizing performance in one role, or any of them.


You can swap Coated Optics for a Gun Laying Drive for optimizing long-range engagement or Improved Ventilation for specific stats.


Swap any of the above with Rations to maximize performance in a specific area (e.g. rate of fire).

Crew Skills & Perks
"Repairs," "Sixth Sense," "Snap Shot" and "Smooth Ride" are all good general options to improve combat effectiveness. I recommend "Recon" and "Situational Awareness" for a well-rounded loadout due to the value of view range. If you want to brawl, "Clutch Breaking" and "Off-Road Driving" can help outmaneuver the enemy, or if you want to maximize performance in a specific area, get "Brothers in Arms."