Player Spotlight: June 2017

We asked you to tell us about yourself and you answered! Each month, we will be giving a shout out to randomly selected players. Make sure to say “hi” when you see them on the battlefield!

Tanker Profile #1: Cris4070
Our first nod goes to Cris4070. He joined a Clan while looking for advice from veteran tankers. All that advice paid off – watch the amazing match where his favorite tank trashes the enemy (and on his favorite map)!

Tanker Profile #2: MarauderCH
MarauderCH is a six-year tanker. His advice for new players: Learn to aim and stick with your team! If you push out too quickly without allies to back you up, you leave yourself vulnerable.

Tanker Profile #3: LeDestruc
Ever have a friend recommend a game you just had to try? That’s how LeDestruc got into the game! As a medium tank player, LeDestruc is working on patience and not rushing in at the beginning of the match. He’s a certified solo player and interested in joining a Clan – if the logo’s cool enough!

Tanker Profile #4: MacGyver04
Finally, veteran player MacGyver04. He started playing the game in Beta. His favorite map is Ruinberg, especially the action-packed town in the north. He dislikes maps where the game decided in one corner (like El Halluf).

We’ll be back next month for another Player Spotlight!