Prepare For the New Season of Ranked Battles!

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Tier X vehicles, get ready to display your mastery! The 2019 Season of Ranked Battles brings some new surprises!

This Season, the core gameplay of Ranked Battles has received a considerable revamp. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve reworked the ranking mechanics and the progression system, making them more achievable and enjoyable. But one thing remains unchanged — you can still earn tons of rewards and additional prizes, including the incredible Kampfpanzer 50 t — a unique Tier IX vehicle!

Rise to the challenge, rework your loadouts, and begin your battle journey through one of the most exciting modes in World of Tanks!

  Starts: Ends:
Season Run: Oct. 28 at 11:00 PT | 13:00 CT | 14:00 ET Nov. 18 at 05:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET
Weekdays & Weekends:  16:00 PT | 18:00 CT | 19:00 ET 22:00 PT | 00:00 CT | 01:00 ET

Progression System: Seasons, Divisions, Ranks, and Leagues

Two Seasons of Ranked Battles: One in 2019 and one in early 2020, with heaps of rewards and other bonuses. Depending on your results across both Seasons, you can earn the ultimate reward — the Kampfpanzer 50 t, an exclusive Tier IX German medium tank.

In order to maximize your battlefield experience, we revised the entire ranking mechanic: players start with a 20-battle Qualification round, and then make their way through the ranks in three (3) Divisions. Both victories and defeats are counted in your personal standings.

Each Division consists of 10 Ranks. Progression is linear from Division III to Division I, and you cannot be relegated from your Division to a lower one.

  • For each battle in this mode, you earn or lose a number of Chevrons based on your performance. These Chevrons count toward your next Rank within your Division.
  • The higher your Division, the more Chevrons you need to improve your Rank.
  • At the end of each Season, you receive Rank Tokens based on the Division you have reached. The Tokens you've earned are carried over to the next Season of Ranked Battles.
  • Once both Seasons have ended, are rewarded based on the total number of Rank Tokens you have earned.

Once you have cleared all Ranks in Division I, you will find yourself in one of three Leagues based on your performance:

  • The Golden League: Players in the top 20% — only the best tankers can reach it!
  • The Sliver League: Players in the next 30%.
  • The Bronze League: The remaining 50% of players.
All players make it to the Leagues may be matched with each other, regardless of their current League. For example, a player in the Bronze League has an equal chance of getting matched against a player from the Golden League.

Permanent Ranks and Rank Shields

We added Permanent Ranks to each Division. Once you reach these Ranks, you're no longer relegated to lower Ranks if you lose your Chevrons.

Permanent Ranks:

  • In Division IIIThe Fourth and Seventh Ranks
  • In Division II: The Fifth Rank 
  • In Division I: The Sixth Rank 

The Eighth Rank in Division II is considered a Rank Shield — at this Rank you won't lose Chevrons for poor performance.

All these changes in progression will simplify your combat journey and help you reach the top of the ladder faster.

Speed Up Your Progress!

Want to progress through the Ranks even faster? No problem! To speed up your progression, we’re introducing a new mechanic — Bonus Battles. This is an equivalent of the First Victory daily multiplier, which automatically doubles the number of Chevrons earned (two instead of one, four instead of two). If you don't receive a chevron after the battle, then the Bonus Battles mechanic doesn't apply.

As you move from one Division to another, a certain number of Bonus Battles will be awarded. This number depends on your performance and effectiveness in battle.


  Effectiveness* for Qualification, Division III and Division II Chevrons gained in Qualification** Effectiveness for Division I
1. Less than 10%: 1 Bonus Battles 3–5 Chevrons: 1 Bonus Battle Less than 10%: 3 Bonus Battles
2. 10–20%: 2 Bonus Battles 6–10 Chevrons: 2 Bonus Battles 10–20%: 5 Bonus Battles
3. 20–40%: 3 Bonus Battles 11–20 Chevrons: 3 Bonus Battles 20–40%: 8 Bonus Battles
4. 40–70%: 4 Bonus Battles 21–30 Chevrons: 4 Bonus Battles 40–70%: 10 Bonus Battles
5. 70–110%: 5 Bonus Battles 31–40 Chevrons: 5 Bonus Battles 70–110%: 13 Bonus Battles
6. 110–160%: 6 Bonus Battles   110–160%: 15 Bonus Battles
7. 160–220%: 7 Bonus Battles   160–220%: 18 Bonus Battles
8. 220% and more: 8 Bonus Battles   220% and more: 20 Bonus Battles

* This is the main parameter demonstrating how effective you are in Ranked Battles. The fewer fights you lose and the more chevrons you get for each battle, the higher the value of your effectiveness.

** These Bonus Battles will be added at the start of every Division.


Role Experience System

Much of your feedback on Ranked Battles concerned the distribution of experience in battles, and we’ve taken measures to improve it. In the new Season, we’re retiring the mechanic where you earn experience through your battle activities. This mechanic will be replaced by a new system of role experience that rewards players for properly fulfilling the role of their vehicle, depending on its class.

Let's see how this system will work using heavy and medium tanks as examples.

  • Close-range brawlers (such as the Maus, IS-4, or PzKpfw VII) can grab their experience bonus by blocking damage and trading off HP, as well as dealing damage from a distance less than 300 meters.
  • Medium fire cover tanks (such as the Leopard 1, Bat.-Chatillon 25 t, or Progetto M40 mod. 65) will earn bonus experience by causing damage to vehicles within your view range, and by first spotting of enemies.

Learn more about other changes to the role experience system in the table below.

  • Defender
  • Breakthrough Tank
  • Fire Cover
  • Light Attack Vehicle
  • Heavy Destroyer
  • High-Caliber Support
  • Sniper
  • Tracked Scout
  • Wheeled Scout
  • Artillery

Primarily, the role of heavy tanks is to force fronts and hold superior enemies at bay. These slow, and in most cases well-protected, vehicles can block significant amounts of damage using their thick armor rationally.

Role actions:

  • Blocking damage and trading off HP
  • Dealing damage from a distance less than 300 meters

Typical representatives:

VEHICLE Nation: Vehicles:
U.S.S.R. IS-4Object 705A
Germany MausE 100, Pz Kpfw VII, VK 72.01 (K)
France AMX M4 mle. 54
Japan Type 5 Heavy
Poland 60TP Lewandowskiego
Breakthrough Tank

A role for universal heavy tanks. Though such machines usually have thick frontal armor and are able to push the attack on a flank, they are also fairly mobile so can quickly change their direction to come to the aid of the team.

Role actions:

  • Blocking damage and trading off HP
  • Dealing damage from a distance less than 300 meters

Typical representatives:

Vehicle Nation: Vehicles:
U.S.A. T110E5
U.S.S.R.  IS-7, Object 277, Object 279 early, Object 260
U.K. Super Conqueror, FV215b, T95/FV4201 Chieftain
China 113, WZ-111 model 5A
Fire Cover

A role for medium tanks with mediocre armor but reliable guns and high mobility. These vehicles play confidently as support vehicles on the second line of attack. They engage in close combat with isolated targets, when it is possible to outflank them, and often get the first shot right thanks to their mobility and relatively good concealment.

Role actions:

  • Dealing damage to vehicles within the view range (upon own spotting)
  • First spotting of enemies

Typical representatives:

Vehicle Nation: Vehicles:
U.S.S.R. К-91
Germany Leopard 1
France AMX 30 B, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
Czechoslovakia TVP T 50/51
Italy Progetto M40 mod. 65
Light Attack Vehicle

A role for multifunctional medium tanks with rational front and turret armor, and for slow, well-armored medium tanks. These vehicles can effectively cover the Defenders on the first and second lines.

Role actions:

  • Dealing damage to vehicles in the view range (upon own spotting)
  • Blocking damage

Typical representatives:

Vehicle Nation: Vehicles:
U.S.A. M48A5 Patton, M60, T95E6
U.S.S.R. Object 907, Т-22 medium, Т-62А, Object 140, Object 430U
Germany E 50 Ausf. M
U.K. Centurion Action X
Japan STB-1
China 121, 121B
Sweden UDES 15/16
Heavy Destroyer

A role for tank destroyers or magazine-loading heavy tanks. Despite low comfort in shooting, these vehicles boast great firepower and can be extremely supportive to Defenders when holding enemies and forcing fronts.

Role actions:

  • Dealing damage to vehicles in the view range (upon own spotting)
  • Blocking damage and trading off HP

Typical representatives:

Vehicle Nation: Vehicles:
U.S.A. T57 Heavy Tank, T110E4, T110E3
U.S.S.R. Object 268, Object 268 Version 4
Germany Jagdpanzer E 100
France AMX 50 B, AMX 50 Foch (155), AMX 50 Foch B
U.K. FV217 Badger
China WZ-113G FT
Sweden Kranvagn
High-Caliber Support

A role for tank destroyers with powerful guns equipped with HESH shells. Their guns are pretty slow and not accurate enough to deal consistent damage at long range, and its mediocre armor forces these tank destroyers to take position behind their more thickly armored allies.

Role action:

  • Dealing damage from close and medium distances

The amount of experience earned for this role depends on the distance between you and the enemy. The lower the distance, the more experience you earn for the damage dealt. You will not earn Role Experience for damaging enemies at a distance of 445 meters or greater.

Typical representatives:

Vehicle Nation: Vehicles:
U.K. FV215b (183), FV4005 Stage II

A role for ambushing lightly armored tank destroyers that have great concealment and accurate guns to hit targets at long range.

Role action:

  • Dealing damage from medium and long distances
The amount of experience earned for this role depends on the distance between you and the enemy. The greater the distance, the more experience you earn for the damage dealt. You will not earn Role Experience for damaging enemies at a distance of 100 meters or less.

Typical representatives:

Vehicle Nation: Vehicles:
Germany Grille 15
Sweden Strv 103B
Tracked Scout

A role for classic light tanks—vehicles with great concealment and view range, the primary task of which is to spot enemies and hunt down isolated targets. Tracked scouts can effectively assist their allies while remaining completely unseen.

Role actions:

  • First spotting of enemies
  • Assisting allied damage upon spotting enemy vehicles while remaining unspotted yourself
  • Dealing damage to vehicles in the view range (upon own spotting)

Typical representatives:

Vehicle Nation: Vehicles:
U.S.A. XM551 Sheridan
U.S.S.R. Т-100 LT
U.K. Manticore
Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
France AMX 13 105
China WZ-132-1
Wheeled Scout

A role for wheeled light tanks. These vehicles are incredibly mobile but cannot boast a great spotting range. Their concealment, and wheels that cannot be destroyed like classic tracks, enable these scouts to move dynamically across the whole battlefield, helping their allies.

Role actions:

  • First spotting of enemies
  • Assistance in destroying enemy vehicles upon spotting or destroying tracks
  • Dealing damage to vehicles in the view range (upon own spotting)

Typical representatives:

Vehicle Nation: Vehicles:
France Panhard EBR 105

A role for SPGs that can deal massive damage and stun enemies with their HE shells in artillery mode.

Role actions:

  • Assisting allied damage by stunning enemy vehicles
  • Dealing damage to enemy SPGs
  • Stunning two or more enemy vehicles simultaneously

Typical representatives:

Vehicle Nation: Vehicles:
U.S.A. T92 HMC
U.S.S.R. Object 261
Germany G.W. E 100
France Bat.-Châtillon 155 58
U.K. Conqueror Gun Carriage

Rank Tokens and Rewards

You will earn Rank Tokens for passing each Division and getting matched into Leagues. The number of points for both Seasons required to receive the final rewards are as follows.

Position: Points:
Gold League 6
Silver League 5
Bronze League
Division I 4
Division II 3
Division III 1
All Tokens you earn are saved for the next Season!

Now to our sweetest topic — rewards for excellent performance in combat! You have the opportunity to earn:

• Credits

• Gold

• Days of WoT Premium Account

• Bonds

• Unique Badges

• Other valuable in-game items

Depending on your results through both Seasons, you can earn the ultimate reward: the Kampfpanzer 50 t — an exclusive Tier IX German medium tank:

You can only get it by playing in Ranked Battles. It’s a maneuverable status vehicle with well-sloped armor, great dynamics and a good combination of alpha damage and DPM. One of its most striking features is its extravagant design, which is unusual for German tanks.

We're also adding a special reward for Sprinters — players who progressed through all the Divisions and ended up among the first in one of the three Leagues. The first 30 Sprinters get the Golden League prize, regardless of their League. Sprinters are indicated by a special icon in the ranking of players by League.

Violation of the Game Rules and Penalties

The rules for Random Battles also apply to Ranked Battles. All penalties are imposed according to the Game Rules and End User License Agreement. If a player violates the Game Rules or the End User License Agreement, they will be excluded from the leaderboard during the Season, after the Season is over, or before receiving the Season rewards.

Prove your worth over a series of Seasons, climb your way up to an exclusive Tier IX tank, and earn tons of valuable gifts along the way! This year, Ranked Battles promises to be more enjoyable than ever, so get ready to start your new tanking journey!