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It's Tanksgiving at!

This month, we're all about giving tanks -- er, thanks to those we care about. When you unlock a prize level at, not only do you get a prize, but so does a player of your choice! Don't fear commitment -- if there's no one you'd like to send a prize to, we'll choose for you.

As always, you get points for your battle successes. Whether you get them through the Weekly Class Focus missions (easy-ish) or "Tank Mastery" missions (not-so-easy), you'll still earn some goodies at the end of the month. The more points you get, the more prizes you receive! 

Ways to Earn TankRewards Points in November
(Up to 56 points) Daily Mission

Nov. 4 - Dec. 2: Get a point each day that you earn 20,000 XP in tiers IV+ (Up to 28 points).

Weekly Class Focus

Get a point when you earn 50,000 XP and/or win 20 battles in the following vehicle classes (Up to 8 points):

  • Nov. 4-11: Light tanks and artillery
  • Nov. 11-18: Medium tanks
  • Nov. 18-25: Tank destroyers
  • Nov. 25 - Dec. 2: Heavy tanks

Tank Mastery missions

Get a point for each Mastery Badge "Ace Tanker" earned on the featured tanks (Up to 20 points).

  • Nov. 4-14: M41 Walker Bulldog, B-C 155 55, T-62A, Jagdtiger, FV201 (A45)
  • Nov. 11-21: STA-1, TVP VTU, M103, T28, M4A1 Revalorise
  • Nov. 18-28: M6, E 50, WZ-132, Achilles, Pz. Kpfw. IV Hydrostat
  • Nov. 25- Dec. 2: AMX 12 t, Indien-Panzer, T-34-1, SU-101, Ram II
*See "Missions" tab in game for additional rewards!


Level UnlockedYour PrizeYour Friend's Prize

Level 1
(5 points)

 Standard Supply Crate with a random prize
(could be consumables, Personal Reserves, a Valentine II or an E 25!)

  • x1Lg. Repair Kit
  • x1Lg. First Aid Kit
  • x1Auto Fire Extinguisher

Level 2
(10 points)

Your choice of Personal Reserves

  • x2Cola
  • x2Chocolate
  • x2Extra Combat Rations
  • x2Pudding and Tea

Level 3
(20 points)

Your choice of equipment

  • x325% Credits (Personal Reserve)
  • x350% XP (Personal Reserve)

Level 4
(30 points)

Your choice of bundled Premium tank and Personal Reserves

  • x1Garage Slot

Bonus Level
(45 points)

Deluxe Supply Crate with higher-tier random prize 
(could be consumables, Personal Reserves, Equipment, a 105 leFH18B2 or an E 25!)

  • x5Lg. Repair Kit
  • x5Lg. First Aid Kit
  • x5Auto Fire Extinguisher
More information on prizing at

More Details

  • Get more information on missions every Friday here on
  • Log into to pick your prizes starting December 5 at 12:00 PT
  • You'll receive your prizes by 14:00 PT the following weekday
  • After December 31, any unused points will result in default prizes