Tank Factor Update: Sweet Prize Added

At gamescom in August, legendary Japanese video game composer and avid World of tanks player Akira Yamaoka (best known for his work on the Silent Hill series) took to the stage and performed with Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton.

The collaboration doesn’t end there: Yamaoka and Sabaton are also joining forces for the Tank Factor music contest with guitarist Chris Rörland on the judges’ panel. To sweeten the contest’s rewards, Rörland has put his guitar in the prize package!

Enter for a chance to win some awesome prizes and perform live on stage with Yamaoka at WG Fest in Moscow this December.

Yamaoka and Sabaton are eager to see what the talented gaming community can do with the World of Tanks theme!

For judging criteria, watch the following video, where Yamaoka talks about his process, inspiration, and what he’s looking for when judging Tank Factor entries:

To enter, please visit the Tank Factor website.