Daily Missions to Unlock the T25 Pilot FREE

A brand-new medium tank rolls into the mix with a marathon event to remember! From March 12 until March 27, play daily to complete a series of missions towards unlocking the T25 Pilot, a tier VIII medium tank menace. Complete 13 missions to earn the grand prize, with only one mission available per day. You’ll have 15 opportunities, or you can purchase mission completions in the Premium Shop. Get one, five, or all 13 to unlock the T25 Pilot right away!

One for $2.49   Five for $12.45   13 for $32.37  

Current Mission

Starts March 26, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends Mar. 27, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

  • Reward: 
  • Conditions:
  • Restrictions:
  • 1xDaily Mission Completion
  • 1xPersonal Reserve +50% Credits (2 hours)

Play three battles where you’re the top XP earner on both teams.

  • Random battles only
  • Tier IV+
  • Once per account

Mission Tokens – FAQ


What’s the difference between earning the token in-game or just buying it from the Premium Shop?

Finishing the mission in-game gets you extra rewards.

What if I buy a token, but I don’t have the other tokens to finish the whole marathon at the end of the event?

Each unused Token purchased in the Premium Shop converts to600, which occurs between March 27 and May 27.

If I buy a Token, can I still play the active daily mission?

Yes, you can. 

If I buy all 13 tokens and receive the tank, can I still play the missions to get the rewards?

Yes, you can play all the missions and get the reward for each finished, just not the Tokens.

What happens if I buy Tokens in the Premium Shop but never finish any daily missions?

Each Token purchased converts to600, so if the player purchased five Tokens, they’ll receive3,000. Players will receive the Gold between March 27 and May 27.

What battle modes count towards the mission goal (Random Battles, Team Battles, etc.)?

Only Random Battles count towards the mission's completion.

Will there be any way to check the number of Tokens I’ve gathered?

The Tokens purchased in the Premium Shop can’t be tracked in the UI. However, the Tokens earned by completing missions can be tracked in the “Missions” window, under “Completed Missions.”

Do Premium tanks count towards the mission progress (damage/tanks destroyed)?

Yes, you can use Premium tanks and they will contribute to the mission’s progress, as long as they’re at least tier IV.

What if I buy three packages with five Tokens each and get 15 Tokens in total? Since I only need 13 to finish the marathon, what happens to the extra two?

Each unused Token purchased in the Premium Shop converts to600, which occurs between March 27 and May 27.



T25 Pilot Number 1

The T25 Pilot is a medium tank with average mobility. Its characteristics are very similar to the M26 Pershing, both in its strengths (good elevation angles, frontal turret armor, and stabilization) and weaknesses (mediocre dynamics, weak hull armor, and armor penetration).

Despite its higher top speed, the T25 cedes to the M26 Pershing in dynamics, maneuverability and view range. However, it has a more effective gun.

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