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We're down to the last two weeks of the T-44-100 Marathon, where you can earn the tier VIII Soviet medium tank free! But if you don't think you'll quite complete all eight missions in time, you can make up for them in the Premium Shop. (Don't worry - if you don't use the purchased tokens, they'll be converted into Gold.)

We asked Unknown0ne from WGLNA Gold League team RivaL for his key points about the tank you're gunning for:

The Good

  • Relatively speedy and maneuverable
  • Decent damage per minute (~1900) for a medium tank
  • Good gun handling

The Bad

  • Armor ineffective against most opponents

The Ugly

  • Can encounter tier X tanks

Reasons to Buy

  • You want a well-rounded brawling tank
  • You enjoy the regular T-44 but wish it had Premium benefits
  • You want to train Soviet medium tank Crews

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You want a Premium tank wholly distinct from non-Premium tanks on the tech tree (try the AMX CDC or the FCM 50 t)
  • You can’t stand having less than 10 degrees of gun depression (try the SuperPershing or the AMX CDC)
  • You prefer to brawl in a heavy tank (try the IS-6)

Play Style

The T-44-100’s speed allows it to take advanced positions. Its maneuverability, damage per minute, and gun handlingcan better fight for those positions against quick opponents. Just make sure you have a few friendly tanks with you; brawlers are always more effective in packs.


If you plan to brawl, optimize your accuracy, speed, and rate of fire while minimizing the downtime from critical damage.


This is a good brawling setup. If you want to try to spot using your speed, Coated Optics would help, but the T-44-100’s poor base view range (380m) means you’ll have a hard time competing with light tanks. 


If you're more of a risktaker (and can afford it), you could swap in Rations for any of these.

Crew Skills & Perks
"Repairs" can minimize downtime in those time-critical brawls, while "Smooth Ride" and "Snap Shot" help more shots land in those chaotic situations. If you’re looking to spot, "Recon" and "Situational Awareness" are a great help. Finally, "Sixth Sense" and "Brothers in Arms" are always nice to have.