Ranked Battles 2nd Beta Season Ends

A big shoutout to all the tankers who took to the battlefield to make the 2nd Beta Season an electrifying event! You’ve really stepped up your game since the 1st Season and have been slaying it the past three weeks. Thousands of players staked their claim on the Season Leaders list and displayed dazzling prowess to climb the ranks. Now, it’s time to take a breather and calculate the final standings. It will take us about 5 days.

While we all wait for the final list, let’s take a minute to explore the rewards for the 2nd Beta Season’s finest.

Leagues & Rewards

Ranking among Season Leaders got a bit trickier this time round with a new set of criteria for entering the list. Nevertheless, everyone embraced this challenge with enthusiasm, fighting to earn the required number of Rank Points throughout the season! To reward your efforts, we lowered the entry barrier, which allows more players into the final leaderboard. Tankers who earned a total of 6 Rank Points over the three Stages secured a place among the best and will get these sets of rewards:

  • League I: the top 10% of the leaderboard earn 4,750Bonds, a “Gold, Second Beta Season”badge to mark their excellence, and a crate with 7 daysPremium Account time, 2,000 Gold, and 10x Personal Reserves: +50%Credits (2 hours)
  • League II: the next 15% players receive 2,250Bonds and a “Silver, Second Beta Season”badge. They also get a crate with 7 daysPremium Account time, 1,000 Gold, and 5x Personal Reserves: +50%Credits (2 hours)
  • League III: the next 25% end the season with 750Bonds and a “Bronze, Second Beta Season”badge. Their crates have 1 dayPremium Account time, 1xGarage slot, 500 Gold, and 5x Personal Reserves: +50%Credits (2 hours)

We also appreciate your input on the revised Ranked Battles format! We’ll use that and the data we gathered to establish a baseline for the upcoming season. More details on the next batch of tweaks are coming, and we'll share as soon as they're finalized.