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Play Like a Pro

With the WGLNA Season 5 Finals underway this weekend, we thought we'd give you a taste of what the pros use when making their way to the top. A selection of tier VII and VIII tanks are on sale, along with slots, camo and equipment with which to outfit them. And don't forget three times the Crew XP! Catch the league action this weekend, or make your own!

Starts Friday, March 13, 04:20 PT (11:20 UTC)
Ends Monday, March 16, 04:20 PT (11:20 UTC)


 x3 Crew Experience


Garage Slots - 50% Off (Gold)

Equipment - 50% Off (Credits)

Camouflage - 50% Off (Gold/Credits)

30% Credit Discount on Tier VI-VII Vehicles

15% Credit Discount on Tier VIII Vehicles


Premium Shop Bundle

Weekend Warrior


  • 1,300

  • 3 Days of Premium
    + Free 1 Day of Premium

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