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First Personal Reserve Missions for June

One of the newest features of Update 9.8 was the addition of Personal Reserves, small boosts that earn you additional XP, Credits, or items. These boosts are time-limited, but you choose when to activate them, so they're perfect if you're planning to sit down for a marathon game session or just knocking out a few games with friends.

The first batch of Missions to unlock Personal Reserves has arrived and they're detailed below. Once you've acquired some Personal Reserves, just activate and enjoy the boost!

Starts: Saturday, June 6, 22:10 PT (June 7, 01:10 ET)
Ends: Saturday, June 13, 22:10 PT (June 14, 01:10 ET) 


Flawless Victory, Part 1
Win 10 battles while damaging at least 1 enemy vehicle per battle.

Reward: +5% XP Boost (Duration: 6 Hours, Expires: September 1)

Flawless Victory, Part 2
Complete 'Flawless Victory, Part 1' three times.

Reward: +10% XP Boost (Duration: 4 Hours, Expires: September 1)

  • All battle modes except Training Rooms
  • Limit three (3) times per account

Flawless Victory, Part 3
Complete 'Flawless Victory, Part 2' three times.

Reward: +15% XP Boost (Duration: 2 hours, Expires: September 1)

All battle modes except Training Rooms
Limit once per account 

Personal Reserves of the same type don't stack, so there's no advantage to activating multiple boosts of the same type at the same time. If Personal Reserves of different percentages are activated at the same time, only the smaller percentage will take effect.