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On Track to the Foch 155

Starting with excellent guns, French tank destroyers get bigger, faster and tougher as you climb the tech tree! As their hulls get bigger, so do the guns that they're carrying; hiding becomes more challenging, but once you get into a good spot you can put those accurate, high-penetration guns to work!

Next, demonstrate your mastery of tank destroyer tactics by completing the Armory mission and earning yourself a Soviet tier VI SU-100Y tank destroyer.

We want to help you get the Foch 155 as quickly as you can, so enjoy the discounts and Missions designed to let you climb the tree with panache!

Starts Monday, July 20, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)
Ends Monday, August 3, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)

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50% Credit Discount

30% Credit Discount


On Track to the Foch 155

In any number of battles, earn 25,000 Experience while driving one of the On Track vehicles listed above.


  • Small First Aid Kit ( 2 )
  • Large First Aid Kit ( 2 )
  • Small Repair Kit ( 2 )
  • Large Repair Kit ( 2 )
  • Manual Fire Extinguisher ( 2 )
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher ( 2 )
  • Available 10 times per account

Equip Your Foch 155 Part I

Complete On Track to the Foch 155 four (4) times.

Reward: Improved Ventilation Class 3

  • Available once per account

Equip Your Foch 155 Part II

Complete On Track to the Foch 155 eight (8) times.

Reward: Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.

  • Available once per account

This Track Leads To The Armory

Complete On Track to the Foch 155 ten times.

Reward: SU-100Y + Garage Slot

Available once per account

Rushing Down the Line

Damage two or more enemy vehicles in a battle in any of the following: Renault FT AC; Renault UE 57; Somua SAu 40; S35 CA; ARL V39; AMX AC mle. 46

Reward: +25% Experience multiplier

  • Repeatable

Getting Your Crew On Track

Damage two or more enemy vehicles in a battle in any of the following: AMX AC mle. 48; AMX 50 Foch; AMX 50 Foch 155

Reward: x2 Crew Experience

  • Repeatable

If you already own the On Track reward vehicle, then upon completion of This Track Leads to the Armory, you will receive its current Gold equivalent. If the vehicle is currently on sale, then you will receive the sale value in Gold.

Premium Shop Bundles

Tank Prep Kit




Garage Slot

+ Free: 1 Day of Premium

On Track Prep Kit



14 Days of Premium

7 Garage Slots

+ Free: 2 Garage Slots

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