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On Track to the Marathon Centurion Action X / FV 4202 (P)

Event Starts February 1, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends February 15, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET

Discounts | Missions

Our popular On Track events are designed to showcase an entire nation's specific tank line and help you unlock and purchase the higher tier tanks! If a line of vehicle is "On Track," you'll receive substantial discounts on each listed vehicle on that line all the way to tier X. We've also got rewarding missions to equip your new tier X vehicle while you unlock it --sometimes you can earn a Premium vehicle!

The present On Track features the British medium tank line. These tanks are elegant, full of character, and focus on mobility and gun handling, so whether you're a skirmishing sharpshooter or a patient sniper, you'll be right at home!

The tier II and III Cruisers are some of the best low-tier light tanks in the game, and in battle your enemy will ignore the Covenanter and Crusader at their peril. If you initially rushed through these early gems, they absolutely merit a second look and now's the time to pick them up!


If you're a speed demon who enjoys poking heavy tanks with a stick before you run off to fire at someone else, don't worry! The tier VI Cromwell is also discounted and leads to the versatile Comet and the delightful Centurion tanks, each of which feature a nimble chassis with excellent gun handling.

Centurion Action X

Sitting at the top of the tree is the outstanding Centurion Action X, a player-favorite medium tank which improves on the popular tier IX Centurion 7/1 by adding more speed and better gun handling to an already great vehicle. Dominate the hills with your gun depression or take the show on the road with outstanding on-the-move accuracy as you outmaneuver the enemy and reap the rewards!

All in all, On Tracks offer a huge variety of gameplay, some great tanks, the opportunity to save sacks full of Credits with discounts and a chance to earn equipment for your tanks. If you complete all the missions, you've also got the chance to take home a classic: the low-profile, fast-firing Matilda Black Prince medium tank. It's perfect for training your British medium tank Crews while earning piles of Credits!

This particular On Track gets even better! It's designed to put you in position to earn the new FV4202 (P)! Starting February 15, earning XP in the Centurion Action X can help you get this new tier VIII Premium tank for free!

Want to get a free FV4202 (P) tier VIII Premium tank? If you had the FV4202 in your Garage when the Centurion AX replaced it, you'll get one! If you didn't, then grind out the Centurion AX here and check out how to Earn a Free FV4202 (P) in February

Select Vehicles
Tiers II-V

50% Off

Credits Price

Select Vehicles
Tiers VI-X

30% Off

Credits Price



Rushing Down the Line

Damage two or more enemy vehicles in a battle.

+30% XP

Getting Your Crew On Track

Damage two or more enemy vehicles in a battle.

x2 Crew XP

On Track to the Centurion Action X

Earn 25,000 XP over any number of battles.

  • Must be in any of the On Track vehicles featured above
  • 10 times per account
  • All modes except Rampage

2x Small First Aid Kit

2x Large First Aid Kit

2x Small Repair Kit

2x Large Repair Kit

2x Manual Fire Extinguisher

2x Auto. Fire Extinguisher

Equip Your Centurion Action X - Part I

Complete On Track to the Centurion Action X four times.

  • Once per account

1x  Med.-Cal. Gun Rammer

Equip Your Centurion Action X - Part II

Complete On Track to the Centurion Action X eight times.

  • Once per account

1x Enh. Gun Laying Drive

This Track Leads to the Armory

Complete On Track to the Centurion Action X 10 times.

  • Once per account

Matilda Black Prince + 50% Crew
+ Garage slot
(If vehicle already owned, you receive Credit value as compensation)