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November Month-Long Missions


Ah, November. For those of us in the northern hemisphere we've already seen the leaves change and fall, and now we're working our way toward colder weather. If you're down south, well, it's just the opposite. You're the envy of all tankers trapped by snow and ice. We all get our day in the sun... either way; live it up with our month-long missions!

Start Time: Saturday, November 1, 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT)
End Time: Monday, December 1, 03:00 PST (06:00 EST)

Mission / ObjectiveRewards

Advancing Down the Line

Earn 5,000 XP.

  • Tier IV or higher
  • Limit three times per day

Small Repair Kit ( 2 )

Advancing Down the Line Daily

Complete "Advancing Down the Line" three times

  • Limit once per day

Small Repair Kit ( 2 )
Small First Aid Kit ( 2 )
Manual Fire Extinguisher ( 2 )

Tanksgiving Reward

Complete "Advancing Down the Line Daily" 25 times

 Large First Aid Kit ( 25 )
Large Repair Kit ( 25 )
Automatic Fire Extinguisher ( 25 )
Garage Slots ( 3 )

On Top of Your Game

Win your battle after having damaged at least one enemy vehicle

  • Tier X vehicles only
  • Starts after 2nd win with each vehicle
  • Training room battles and 7 v 7 battles are excluded
  • Repeatable

 x2 XP for your victorious battle

Cheer For Our Team

Win your battle and damage at least one enemy vehicle

  • 7 vs 7 battles only
  • All normal vehicles tier VI-VIII
  • Repeatable

+ 20% XP for your victorious battle