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Monthly Overview: Feast Your Eyes on November Specials

November's when holiday shopping kicks into gear, and we're ready if you are! Specially-dressed Premium tanks are just part of the fun -- read on for what else you can expect for the month. 

Tanksgiving at

Not only does reward you, but in November you can start gifting extra prizes to a friend!

Weekly Deals

Deep discounts on Gold, Credits, Personal Reserves and more!

Tank Sales

  • Nov. 3-14: FV201 (A45)
  • Nov. 10 - Dec. 5: T26E5 Patriot
  • Nov. 17-28: Ram II & Hydrostat
  • Nov. 24 - Dec. 5: AMX M4-49 Liberté

Thanksgiving Specials

While you pig out on turkey and the works, stuff your account with x3 XP and discounted consumables, equipment and more! 
Details: November 23

Tank Mastery

Get the Mastery badge "Ace Tanker" in the following tanks and dates, you can place that emblem right on the tank.

  • Nov. 4-14: M41 Walker Bulldog, B-C 155 55, T-62A, Jagdtiger, FV201 (A45)
  • Nov. 11-21: STA-1, TVP VTU, M103, T28, M4A1 Revalorise
  • Nov. 18-28: M6, E 50, WZ-132, Achilles, Pz. Kpfw. IV Hydrostat
  • Nov 25 - Dec. 2: AMX 12 t, Indien-Panzer, T-34-1, SU-101, Ram II

Weekly Class Focus

Practice the strats of each vehicle class via missions, rent Premium tanks, and more!

Third Thursday Throwdown

November 17: Fight the flurry for one day only or join the mayhem in one of two easy-to-unlock rental tanks.

On Track

Get "on track" to the high-tiers with discounts and missions that take you all the way to two great tier X tanks. And you can get a free Premium tank!

  • Nov. 4-18: M48 Patton
  • Nov. 18 - Dec. 2: Object 430