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Earn a Free FV4202 (P) in February!

Starts February 15 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends February 29 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET

Mission Marathon | Model View | Vital Stats

What is the FV4202 (P)?

It’s the "new" tier VIII British Premium medium tank! Until Update 9.12, the FV4202 was the tier X tank in the British medium tank line. The Centurion Action X replaced it and became the new top dog for British medium tanks.

For a while, the FV4202 was gone, but not forgotten. We said that we would rebalance the tank and return it to the game as a Premium vehicle.

This "old friend" is now making its comeback as the FV4202 (P), and it's based on the actual prototype vehicle that was a testbed for the iconic Chieftain tank. It features good firepower, accuracy and gun depression, but it's not blazingly fast, nor is it a brawler. The FV 4202 (P) makes an excellent support vehicle, so don’t rush out -- study the terrain, deploy and lay down a withering fire as you help out your team.

How Do I Get the FV4202 (P)?

You have three ways to pick it up:

  1. You previously fought at least one battle in the tier X FV 4202. We will gift you the tank and a Garage slot, FREE!
  2. You complete the special FV4202 (P) mission
  3. You buy it when it becomes available later in the Premium Shop and tech tree.

What is the FV4202 (P) Special Mission?

There are also three steps to the mission:

  1. In the Centurion Action X, earn at least 750 base XP in one battle per day in Random battles -- repeat this 10 times.
  2. In any tier VIII - X vehicle, deal a total of 450,000 damage in Random battles.
  3. After completing the missions above, play one (1) Random battle in any vehicle.

No Centurion? No Problem! We've got an On Track event leading to the Centurion Action X starting February 1!

What’s an On Track?

It’s a popular event where an entire specific tank line is showcased, culminating when you unlock the tier X vehicle at the top of that line. You'll receive discounts and can earn rewards including Premium tanks for playing that vehicle line of vehicles during the On Track.

From Feb. 1-15, the On Track will feature discounts on the fun British medium tank line up to the new British rock star -- the Centurion Action X. The line also includes the Cruisers, Cromwell, Comet and Centurion tanks.



Earn 750 Base XP in the Centurion AX

Earn 750 base XP in a single battle while commanding a Centurion Action X.

x3Crew XP

Earn 750 Base XP 10 Times in the Centurion AX

Complete "Earn 750 Base XP in the Centurion AX" a total of 10 times.

  • Random battles only
  • Once per account

1x Med-Cal. Gun Rammer

Cause 450K Damage in a Tier VIII-X Tank

Cause 450,000 damage to enemy vehicles over any number of battles.

  • Random battles only
  • Once per account
  • Must be in a tier VIII-X vehicle

1xEnh. Gun Laying Drive

Free FV4202 for Completing the Centurion AX Marathon

  1. Complete "Earn 750 Base XP 10 times in the Centurion AX" a total of 1 time.
  2. Complete "Cause 450K Damage in a Tier VIII-X Tank" once.
  3. Play a battle in any vehicle after completing both of the above.
  • Random battles only
  • Once per account
  • May be in any vehicle

FV4202 (P) + 50% Crew 
+ Garage slot

If you can't participate in the marathon for any reason, don't worry! The FV4202 (P) will be made available for purchase in the Premium Shop some time after the event is over. Check our website for more details.

Let slip the dogs of war! You'd be barking mad not to take the King's Shilling and acquire the FV4202 (P) today!