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Midweek Bonanza!


With the beginning of a new year, we've all got a lot on our minds. Blow off some steam in World of Tanks this week, and earn extra XP and Consumables when you punish your foes!

And don't forget that we still have tons of month-long discounts and special missions rolling on into this year! 

Start Time: Sunday, January 4, 03:20 PST (06:20 EST)
End Time: Thursday, January 8, 03:20 PST (06:20 EST)

Mission / Objective

Aimed Fire

Damage at least one enemy vehicle in a battle.

Reward: x2 XP

  • Regular vehicles only (no Premium)
  • All battle types (except Training Room)
  • Repeatable

Counter Tank Battles

Destroy at least three (3) enemy vehicles in a battle.

Reward: Large Repair Kit

Large First Aid

  • Tier IV or higher
  • All battle types (except Training Room)
  • Limit 5 times per day

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