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Leap Day Means x2 All Day

Today only comes once every four years, and we've got a special treat for you!  Leap into battle, get that sweet double XP all day, and when you've unlocked the tanks you want, make room for a whole new squad with discounted Garage slots and Premium time! 

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Starts February 29 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends March 1 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET


Every Battle
x2 XP

  • All modes except Rampage
  • Repeatable
  • Does not stack with first win

You'll need to get your daily first-win on each tank in order to activate the x2 all-day bonus for that tank. After your first win, the x2 XP icon will not show up in your tank carousel, but it will show in your after-battle "Detailed Report" screen regardless of a win or a loss. 

Garage Slots
50% Off

Gold Price

Premium Time
6 or 12 Months
15% Off

Gold Price


Premium Shop Bundles

180 Premium Days 


  • 6 MonthsPremium Acct. 15% Discount

360 Premium Days


  • 12 MonthsPremium Acct. 15% Discount