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What To Do In Medium Tanks

Medium tanks play a variety of roles on the battlefield. Depending on its characteristics and how your team is made up, a medium tank player might find themselves as a flanker, assassin or scout. Take the time to learn more about a medium tank's strengths and weaknesses!

Comic Guide | Missions

Comic Guide to Medium Tanks


Medium Tank Daily Missions

June 10-17
04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

Here are the missions for this week!

  • "Medium Solo Daily"

  • "Medium Platoon Daily"

  • "Full Daily"

  • "Get Full Daily 4 Times"

  • "Destroy 2 Mediums"

Q: How do I find the mission requirements?

A: Go into your Garage and click on the "Missions" tab just above your Crew:

If you're still curious, check out our handy guide!