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This Weekend: x3 Experience!

Don't leave your Platoon behind during "Summer Play"!

Get x3 XP on daily first wins and save Gold when you convert regular XP to Free XP!

Starts July 15 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends July 18 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

x3 XP

Free XP Conversion
1 = 35 XP

Gold Price


Weekend Missions

  • "x2 Crew XP on Tier IX & X French Tanks"

  • "French Friends"

  • "Hoist the Colors"

Q: How do I find the mission requirements?

A: Go into your Garage and click on the "Missions" tab just above your Crew:

If you're still curious, check out our handy guide!