Halloween 2021: Final Report


At the beginning of the Mirny: Hope operation, the Directorate of Intelligence and Security was investigating the discovery of vulnerabilities of the 000-I Immortal. According to the preliminary investigation, Squad 36 had the first encounter with the enemy in the new phase. It was deemed the Immortal had some potential vulnerabilities.

After 15 days of fierce fighting and analysis, our investigators are ready to unveil their results. Read the key points and conclusions below!

Results of the Investigation and List of Collected Files

Agent M. (code name "Scientist") took possession of eight reels, each containing a piece to this terrifying puzzle. After studying the recordings on the reels, we made the following conclusions:

  • Tension exists in relations between Hope and Colonel Gromov. The delivered Mirium was not enough for active research work. Hope tried to justify the need for a larger volume of Mirium, but the colonel refused, referring to the excessive risk to tank crews. The need for Mirium was so high Hope requested the assistance of Professor Merkulov in the Central Research Institute. Apparently, it was of critical importance for her to increase the amount of available Mirium—to get it she had to circumvent the Colonel's authority.
  • Colonel Gromov requested additional information regarding unknown past events. This is probably due to the discovery of an active King Tiger in Mirny. In addition, the higher leadership considered the loss of personnel to be excessive. For this reason, the colonel probably did not agree to increase the number of missions in Mirny.
  • According to Hope's diary, she deliberately made changes to the settings of Goliath's collector. The crew of the Goliath saw her in the Garage when they prepared the vehicle for the next mission. Although according to the staffing schedule, she was not supposed to be there.
  • We have no direct evidence Hope's actions affected the situation with Goliath and the Immortal. Nevertheless, her findings, and practical application of the research, allowed her to resolve the problem of the Immortal.

Conclusions of the Report

The Mirny: Hope operation is complete, and the result was a success. The theoretical calculations of the scientific group confirmed: We now have an effective tool to counter the Immortal and it is not currently active in Mirny. Check out the vulnerable spots in the enemy armor below.

The military operation is terminated. A limited military force remains in the city to assist the scientific group. The project management was transferred to the head of the research group, Hope. The surveillance continues.