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More Ways to Get Freedom to Play Keys

Enjoying the Freedom to Play event, but starting to run short on FTP Keys to gain access to the A45? Here are some reminders and special events this week that will help you nab some extras!

1. Daily Missions (~20 Keys)

You can still get 20 Keys until the event's end by playing the daily missions from the time of this post (July 24)! Review the event calendar and the Missions tab from your Garage.

2. Player Survey (5 Keys)

Help us out by filling out this survey, including your account name and email, and for your time, you'll automatically get 5 Keys!

(Survey closes Monday 7/27 at 12:00 PT)

3. Fantasy WGL (5 Keys min.)

Everyone who defeats the Fantasy WGL single-night score of the inimitable Hypnotik (creator of Fantasy WGL) on Tuesday, July 28 will earn 5 Keys! The top 100 players of the night will also earn an additional 5 FTP Keys each.

All you have to do is log in with your usual Wargaming account and pick seven players. Other great prizes are available, including a Type 59!
Beginner's Guide to Fantasy WGL

Keys will be credited shortly after the deadlines of each opportunity.