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Freedom to Play Month

The famous free-to-play World of Tanks is celebrating an entire month of freedom! July marks the independence of many nations in the Americas, and we're recognizing many of them in Freedom to Play month!

Get the A45

Freedom to Play (FTP) rewards players with the never-before-seen FV201 (A45) Premium heavy tank! Accept the challenge and earn a ton of free Premium goodies along the way! And if you don't think you'll be able to take on the entire challenge, you can supplement your progress in the Premium Shop, with special bundles giving you an extra nudge towards the A45.

Earn a total of 15,000 XP a day in order to earn a number of FTP keys as indicated on the calendar graphic below. When you acquire 45 FTP keys, you will unlock an eight-day rental of the FV201 (A45)! Once you've unlocked your A45 rental, continue to battle your way to 200,000 XP and 200 destroyed enemy vehicles in that limited-time heavy and make it yours to keep!

Furthermore, you can earn additional Keys plus other bonuses in certain missions and events throughout the month, which we're calling "Freedom Days," so watch for those too!

Harness your own freedom to play and have an amazing July!

Starts Wednesday, July 1, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends Saturday, August 1, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

Missions | Rewarding Your Progress | Premium Shop

Freedom to Play Missions

Freedom to Play

Collect a total of 45 Keys by completing the Freedom to Play: Single, Double and Quad missions or by purchasing them in the Premium Shop.

Rewards: Rent the FV201 A45 (TLV) for 8 Days
Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 2
  • Once per account

Freedom to Play: Single/Double/Quad

Earn 15, 000 XP in any number of battles.

• Single: Rewards 1 FTP Key and more!
•• Double: Rewards up to 2 FTP Keys and more!
•••• Quad: Rewards up to 4 FTP Keys and more!
  • See calendar graphic for availability of these missions.
  • Random battles only
  • Once per day

This is My A45!

Earn 200,000 XP and destroy 200 enemy vehicles over any number of battles while driving the FV201 (A45).

Reward: +15% XP Booster (Duration: 2 hours, Expires: September 1)
  • Random battles
  • Once per account

A45, I Choose You!

Complete both Freedom to Play and This is My A45

Complete Freedom to Play and purchase the A45 Premium Shop License

Reward: FV201 (A45) + Garage Slot
  • Once per account

Rewarding Your Progress!

Freedom To Play Rewards

Earn the following number of FTP Keys for the following rewards:

FTP Reward 1: 2 Days of Premium
FTP Reward 5: +5% XP Booster (Duration: 6 hours; Expires: Sept. 1)
FTP Reward 10: Barrack Slots x 16
FTP Reward 15: +50% Crew XP Booster (Duration: 6 hours; Expires: Sept. 1)
FTP Reward 20: Garage Slot + Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
FTP Reward 25: +20% Free XP Booster (Duration: 6 hours; Expires: Sept. 1)
FTP Reward 30: 1 Day of Premium + Improved Ventilation Class 3
FTP Reward 35: +10% Credit Booster (Duration: 6 hours; Expires: Sept. 1)
FTP Reward 40: T1E6 + Garage Slot

Each mission may be completed once per account.

Premium Shop

Just One More!



One (1) FTP Key*

A Step Forward



Five (5) FTP Keys*

*45 FTP Keys are required to rent the FV201 A45

A Giant Leap For Freedom



45 FTP Keys

Rent the FV201 A45

FV201 (A45) Premium License



A45 Premium Shop License

Combined with FV201 A45 rental results in a permanent vehicle and Garage Slot

The A45 is Mine!



45 FTP Keys + A45 Premium Shop License

Includes the permanent FV201 A45 Premium tank and Garage Slot

In order to receive rewards for FTP Keys purchased in the Premium Shop, you must play a battle for each reward unlocked, as shown in the rewarding your progress table (up to 9 battles maximum).

Any unused Keys purchased from the Premium Shop will automatically be converted to Gold upon login into World of Tanks after August 1, 2015.

Maximize Your XP to the A45



30 Days of Premium
+ FREE Garage Slot

More First Wins, More XP



10 Garage Slots
+ FREE Garage Slot