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Daily Login Bonus Missions

For the next two months, playing World of Tanks brings great rewards!  Every day that you login until May 8, you'll find an extra 50,000 in your account. Earn Equipment, Premium time and even Premium tanks all just for logging into your account!

Once you reach 30 days of tanking during the event, you'll find the all-American tier II Premium T7 Combat Car in your Garage. Take this light tank for a spin as a reward for all those days of fighting hard on the battlefield. And on that 60th day of tanking, the Soviet tier VI SU-100Y will be in your Garage waiting for you, ready to show its power in battle. Roll out in this potent tank destroyer, and overcome your enemies with devastating shots, proving who is the most faithful commander of all!

Start Time: Sunday, March 8, 04:20 PDT (07:20 EDT)
End Time: Friday, May 8 9, 04:20 PDT (07:20 EDT)

Daily Login Bonus

Login to World of Tanks.

Reward: 50,000

  • Once per day

Login Bonus

Login to World of Tanks the following number of days during the event.

  • Login 5 Days: Improved Ventilation Class 1
  • Login 10 Days: 1 Day of Premium
  • Login 15 Days: Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Login 20 Days: 1 Day of Premium
  • Login 25 Days: Coated Optics

Login 30 Days:

U.S. T7 Combat Car + Garage Slot

T7 Combat Car - Tier II LT

Players who already own the T7 will receive the Gold equivalent.

  • Login 35 Days: Camouflage Net 
  • Login 40 Days: 1 Day of Premium
  • Login 45 Days: Medium Caliber Gun Rammer
  • Login 50 Days: 1 Day of Premium
  • Login 55 Days: Binocular Telescope

Login 60 Days:

Soviet SU-100Y + Garage Slot

SU-100Y - Tier VI TD

Players who already own the SU-100Y will receive the Gold equivalent.

All Login Bonuses (except Daily Login Bonus) are available once per account.