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Battle of Luzon


The Battle of Luzon began on January 9, 1945. An Allied cooperative initiative led by American ground forces pushed through Luzon, the largest and most populated Philippine island, in an effort to control the region. After 8 months of fighting Japanese ground forces, the Allies emerged victorious. On the 15th of August, Luzon was secured. In commemoration of this historic event, we're featuring two Missions that should get you in the fighting spirit!

Battle of Luzon

Start Time: Thursday, January 8, 03:20 PST (06:20 EST)
End Time: Monday, January 12, 03:20 PST (06:20 EST)

Mission / Objective

Enemy Elimination

Damage at least one enemy vehicle in a battle.

Reward: x3 Crew XP

  • Regular vehicles only (no Premium)
  • All battle types (except Training Room)
  • Repeatable

Continuous Attacks

Win 25 battles, and in each of those battles earn one of the following achievements: Fire for Effect, Bruiser, Duelist, Shellproof, Hand of God, Demolition Expert, Arsonist, Fighter, Confederate, Patrol Duty, Tank Sniper, High Caliber, Defender, Invader, Steel Wall or Top Gun.

Reward: Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

  • Must be in an American or Japanese Vehicle
  • All battle types (except Training Room)
  • Once per account