Changes to Art of Strategy Event


We are closely monitoring the Art of Strategy event, and it is a pleasure to see how many of you take on the roles of Tankers and Strategists in it. For us, it shows you are enjoying the new gameplay experience in World of Tanks. On April 28 we will introduce a small but important change to the balance of the event to keep it fun and engaging for all participants. We will increase the number of AT Guns, Flamethrowers, and MG Turrets a Strategist can deploy in the 1 vs 7 formats, from 4 to 5 each.

Interactive image. Hover the cursor over the Strategist’s defenses to view their technical characteristics.

AT Gun
An accurate, stealthy, and rapid-firing gun. Highly effective at long range against targets with moderate armor. However, it cannot withstand a hit.
Average Damage
300 HP
Average Penetration
270 mm
Gun Loading
5 s
Dispersion at 100 m
0.15 m
100 HP
View Range
270 m
An armored flamethrower. Causes significant fire damage to targets at close range and destroys their modules. Ignores armor.
Average damage
50 HP
Duration of a fire jet
1 s
Fire jets per magazine
30 items
Reload time
7 s
1,500 HP
up to 1,000 mm
View range
250 m
MG Turret
An armored structure with a machine gun. Causes a huge amount of burst damage to targets with light armor at close and medium range.
Average damage
40 HP
Average penetration
160 mm
Time between firing the last shell in the magazine and loading a new magazine
7 s
Time between firing a shell and loading the next shell in the magazine
0,25 s
Number of shells in the magazine
30 items
up to 700 mm
Dispersion at 100 m
0.4 m
1,800 HP
View range
300 m

Currently many Strategists are having a rather hard time against Tankers. That is completely understandable—in battle, they have to do lots of things they’ve never done before in World of Tanks. A Strategist must develop a master plan, select and deploy defenses, control seven vehicles, and watch over the entire battlefield to block enemy advances and create openings for their own forces. It's no easy task—yet a very rewarding one when it succeeds. At the same time, the learning curve for Tankers is not as steep.

By increasing the maximum number of defenses for the Strategist in 1 vs 7, we make battles in the event more enjoyable for everyone. For the Strategist, it will be easier to concentrate on active participation in battle—vehicle orders and direct control—because more of the field is passively protected by defenses. For the Tankers, battles that were often too simple will become more challenging, hence more interesting, and victories—more fulfilling.

While we carry out this change, we want to take the opportunity to remind fellow Strategists of a couple things that may help you achieve more victories:

  • Adopting a defensive strategy may lead to more victories, especially if you are learning the mechanics of the event. Don't rush unless you absolutely know what you’re doing.
  • Let your defenses do their job. Don’t advance your vehicles too close to the enemy force at the start of battle. Whittle down the Tankers first with fire from your defenses and use your vehicles to support and protect them, then finish off the remaining opposition.
  • The sooner you spot Tankers, the sooner your long-ranged defenses can deal damage to them. Don't forget about Watchtowers! Combine them with Gun Turrets and MRLs to weaken enemy forces long before they even reach your vehicles. Light or fast medium tanks are great scouts too!

Stick to these rules and victories in the event will be sure to follow.

Good luck on the battlefield!