April Overview: Surprises Around Every Corner

Prepare for another month full of tanking good times! We’re excited to bring Premium Shop sales to leave you in awe, specials to celebrate six years of World of Tanks in North America, and good times with friends at TankRewards.com. Don’t miss out!


TOG IIs are overwhelming battles on April 1! You’ve been warned.

Premium Tank Sales

Find fun Premium tanks in the Shop this month, including one brand-new and another that hasn’t been seen in forever!

Tank Rewards

Grab your closest friends or make some new ones with Platoon-based missions in this season of TankRewards!
Starts April 12

Weekend Specials

Play for extraordinary XP bonuses on weekends!

  • Apr. 1-3: x2 Crew XP
  • Apr. 7-13: WoT 6th Anniversary Specials
  • Apr. 14-17: x2 Crew XP
  • Apr. 21-24: x3 XP
  • Apr. 28 - May 2: Labor Day Weekend

Tank Mastery

Get an “Ace Tanker” Mastery Badge* on the featured tanks to unlock a special mastery emblem!

On Track*

Get discounts and bonuses to help you reach these tier Xs!