Get Your 10th Anniversary Act V Birthday Present!

The 10th Anniversary celebration of World of Tanks is wrapping up, Commanders!

Since the beginning of this epic celebration, we've been treating you to tons of special activities, intense Anniversary Missions, spectacular customization elements, and other surprises. You've learned many interesting facts about the history of your favorite game and witnessed the main stages of its creation and evolution.

But the best and most unexpected special is yet to come! Act V: New Horizons features a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime Birthday Present. We’ll be giving away 7 Premium vehicles to all players as a token of our gratitude and appreciation. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to earn an eighth Premium vehicle—the brand-new A46 British light tank!

10th Anniversary Birthday Present
Monday, August 17 at 04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET Monday, October 12 at 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET

Enter the Game and Redeem Your Gifts!

From August 17 through October 12, just log in to World of Tanks and you’ll see a congratulatory message along with your personal lifetime game statistics, which were previously inaccessible to you. Take a look at your achievements in World of Tanks from a different perspective, compare them to other players, and toast your own special World of Tanks journey!

You’ll also find seven (7) unique vehicles in your Garage, six (6) of which were previously handed out for earlier birthdays. Here are the brave Tier II–III battle stars that await you:

II Type 97 Te-Ke
A true samurai, determined and brave. A vehicle that has no goal. Only the way.
III BT-7 art.
Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. It hits seldomly, but when it does, it's deadly.
II Т-45
Fast as lightning. It won't turn the tide of battle, but it can circle an enemy to exhaustion.
III Т-29
This one's a big guy. Originally planned for the 7th Anniversary giveaway, it ended up in Holiday Ops.
II TKS z n.k.m. 20 mm
The pride of world tank building, this is a ruthless and aggressive warrior of the red line.
III Т-116
Tо begin with, it looks nice! Smooth contours, elegant shape... this vehicle has it.
V Valiant
This noble gentleman from the shores of foggy Albion is ready to spill its hot tea on its unfortunate enemy.
4 years
Type 97 Te-Ke
5 years
BT-7 art.
6 years
7 years
8 years
TKS z n.k.m. 20 mm
9 years
10 years

If you already own one or more of these special vehicles, you will receive 100,000 Credits, 250 Anniversary Coins, and a free Garage slot as compensation for each tank.

The seventh warrior is a brand-new tank, the Valiant. It is our 10th Anniversary gift to all players. Each vehicle comes with a 100% crew and a free Garage Slot.

Along with the Birthday Present tanks, you will also get 50 stunning emblems that you can apply to any vehicle:

Complete Special Missions and Earn the Speedy A46!

Don’t stop reading yet! There’s another cool vehicle in store for you! During the Active Phase of Act V, from Monday, August 17 at 04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET until Monday, August 24 at 04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET, you can get your hands on the eighth gift tank, the A46.

This fast and maneuverable Tier VI British light tank is a natural saboteur that boasts an accurate gun and excellent dynamics. This scout is an absolute must-have for your tank collection!

Main Characteristics
Average Damage
105/105/150 HP
Average Penetration
105/138/38 mm
Hit Points
580 HP
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
60/20 km/h
Commander (Radio Operator)
Average Damage
105/105/150 HP
Gun Reload Time
4.2 s
Average Penetration
105/138/38 mm
50 shells
Aiming Time
2 s
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles
Dispersion at 100 m
0.45 m
Shell Types
Shell Velocity
785 m/s
981 m/s
785 m/s
Concealment of Moving Vehicle
Hit Points
580 HP
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle
Hull Armor
32/20/16 mm
Signal Range
450 m
Turret Armor
35/20/20 mm
View Range
370 m
Turret Traverse Speed
52 deg/s
Engine Power
350 h.p.
Specific Power
22.2 h.p./t
Traverse Speed
55 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
60/20 km/h

To grab this speedy commando, enter Random Battles and complete special missions in any of the seven Birthday Present vehicles. Once you complete the missions, you will be rewarded 100 Tokens and 150 Anniversary Coins.

  • Go for it, Commanders!
  • The Brave Valiant
Go for it, Commanders!


  • Destroy one (1) enemy vehicle and be one of the top seven (7) XP earners on your team in a battle.


  • Cause 100 HP damage and be one of the top seven (7) XP earners on your team in a battle.



  • 2× Anniversary Tokens
The Brave Valiant


  • Destroy one (1) enemy vehicle or cause 100 HP damage and be one of the top seven (7) XP earners on your team in a battle.


  • Cause 300 HP damage and be one of the top seven (7) XP earners on your team in a battle.


  • 20 times per account
  • Must be in the Valiant
  • Random Battles only


  • 2× Anniversary Tokens

To redeem the A46, you need to earn:

  • 60 tokens in the Tier II–III Birthday Present vehicles
  • And 40 tokens in the Valiant

Don't have time to earn the required number of tokens? No problem! You can use Anniversary Coins to purchase the A46 in the Anniversary Store from Monday, August 24 until Monday, October 12. It will cost 1,500 Anniversary Coins.

Share Your Achievements!

Want to see your friend’s battle stats or share your in-game achievements? We’ve prepared a dedicated landing page to feature the highlights of your tank career. Make sure to share yours on social media!


We’ve got great gifts for you, Commanders! Enter Random Battles, complete special missions, and add the speedy A46 to your arsenal!