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WGLNA 2016 Regional Finals - Contenders and Predictions!

Hear that?

The drums of war get louder as the day of the Regional Finals draws closer. Don't know the stakes? Learn 'em here. There's still time for you to join us.

Who are these four teams fighting tooth and nail for the top? Introductions are in order...

APEX - The Favorites

APEX has dominated this season, with only 1 loss in overtime to eClipse. But they dominated last season as well, only to come undone at the final event in Vegas. Will they prove themselves this time around and clinch the WGLNA title? 

 "Preparing for the Finals is no different than preparing for a regular season match. For us, it’s business as usual." -Comps, Apex Captain

eClipse - The Defending Champs

The reigning WGLNA Champions, and last season's underdogs, have had it a bit tougher in their sophomore season. While still sitting solid in 2nd place, some cracks have begun to show. Can they shake off recent roster changes and previous nights when they were "off their game"? 

"Nobody thought we had a chance last season and we came out winning the whole thing. We know what what we need to do to win." -T1_Diabetic, eClipse Captain

DejaVu - The New Guys

The pressure is always on for the new kids on the block. Despite this, DejaVu persevered, beating out several older, more experienced teams. DejaVu performed so strongly early in the season that their late-season setbacks weren't enough to knock them out of the running. Will that be enough to reach the top?

"More than anything, we hope to have fun. Whether we win or lose, we're still making money playing videogames. Not many people can say that." -Change, DejaVu Captain

o7 - The Underdogs

There's always an underdog, but this underdog sets itself apart from the pack. o7 has been on the verge of league removal for the past few seasons, only to claw their way back. They've always been just hanging on...until now! Will their rebound from the brink send them to victory? 

"We know everyone will be changing things up strategically for the Finals, so we aren't concerned with reviewing our competitors unlike the regular season." -fosta, o7 Captain

Commentators' Predictions

We welcomed two new casters this season and they've been following these teams the whole way. Who do they think will come out on top?

Dustin "Godspeed" Kane

James "Rockstarx1" Grieve

"I believe Apex will win the finals. Apex has been unstoppable even though they have suffered 1 OT loss. The team cohesion overall coupled with the amount of discipline they have displayed over the course of the season so far leads me to believe they will dominate the regional finals and potentially the rumble in the future." "Personally, I have to go with what many will consider the favorites to win, APEX. They have everything they could need to succeed. Player for player one of the best rosters in the league and resiliency that no one has been able to match this far."


Who do you think will win? 

Find out on October 22 by joining us on Twitch!