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WGLNA – Gold League Qualifiers 2


WGLNA’s Gold League, the League’s North American branch, is ready to launch its fourth season, but not before inviting the final team to the league!

This Gold League Qualifier allows one winning team an automatic berth into Season 4 where they’ll face some of the best teams in our region, including Global Grand Finalists SIMP and Fnatic.

Last April, the League’s Global Grand Final matched champions from the European, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Southeast Asian and North American regions for the ultimate prize. This year, the League is amped to do it all over again.

Qualifier matches will occur between Wednesday, May 28 through Sunday, June 1, with times at 17:00 PDT and 20:00 PDT. Registration closes on May 26, 23:59 PDT.

Season 4 Qualifiers

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The opening round is dependent on the total number of registered teams:

  • Wednesday, May 28, 17:00 PDT (if 33 or more teams are registered)
  • Thursday, May 29, 17:00 PDT (if 32 teams or less are registered)

Matches will occur daily beginning at 17:00 PDT until Sunday, June 1. Teams must be available 30 minutes before their scheduled match time.