Dare Rising Sponsors Deja Vu

Dare Rising welcomes DejaVu into its eSports empire! The two groups declared their alliance on January 24. DejaVu is now under the Dare Rising banner. 

Who is Dare Rising?

Who is DejaVu?

Dare Rising, founded in November 2012, is a leader in multimedia gaming entertainment. Dare Rising's mission is to support more games and expand its own network beyond YouTube Gaming into realms like Twitch and eSports. Dare Rising provides effective game outreach for companies thanks to powerful video, social media, and eSports presences, along with an ever-expanding roster of talented players.

DejaVu is a returning Gold League team that fought its way to the top of the Silver League two seasons ago and put up an incredible fight in its Gold League debut. The team has a younger roster than others, but always prides themselves on a "just have fun" philosophy, though you wouldn't guess that by how serious they play. They're now sitting second in the rankings and are dangerously close to dethroning current NA champions APEX!

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 "What's Next?" 
With Will "Change" Kaufman, Team Captain

Q: You made the finals last season, stayed strong this season, and just picked up a major sponsorship. How can the team keep this momentum?

A: We need to stay focused on our job. This is a long season; teams now at the bottom can rise and give us problems later if we let them.

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