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The Teams of the League Grand Finals



The League Grand Finals are the hot topic of the month, and we’re very pleased to be able to share more of the details with you.

First, let's welcome the teams that have fought hard and practiced for months to reach this point.

Team / Region  

ARETE (Korea)

Energy Pacemaker (China)

JL eSports Club (China)

Fnatic (North America)

Lemming Train (Europe)

Natus Vincere (Russia)

NOA (Korea) 

 PVP Super Friends (Asia)
SIMP (North America) Synergy (Europe)
Team WUSA (Europe) The RED Rush: Unity (Russia)
U Are Dead (Asia) Virtus Pro (Europe)

As you can see, a total of 14 teams will participate in the WGL Grand Finals. From this list, 12 of the teams were selected based on their performance in the regional League stages and two were selected as wild cards.

Wild Card Mechanic:

The wildcards have been selected by the eSports team following some excellent performances in their region. For the first Grand Finals, the wild card teams are:

  • Team WUSA, a German team that performed exceptionally well at the World Cyber Games in 2013 and thus caught our attention
  • Lemming Train, a team that showed some amazing skill and game knowledge at the European League qualifiers and finals

We hope they make the most of their chances and give us a great show!

How the Games Will Progress

Teams are initially divided into two groups. The first group consists of the teams that scored the most points in their regional games. These six teams will automatically proceed to the second stage of the tournament.

The second group consists of the other six teams that did not score as many points in the regional qualifiers and the two wild card teams. That gives a total of eight teams in the second group. These eight teams will be playing against each other to find out who is the best! Two of the teams will progress to the second stage and enter the normal tournament bracket.

Tournament Brackets - The Basics

Below we’ve put an example tournament to show you how the bracket works. We’ll publish the full WGL Grand Finals bracket at a later date. Please keep in mind that the group stage bracket will look slightly different from this example, but will work in a similar fashion.

Here are a few useful eSports terms:

  • Match - A unit of several games within a round played between the same two teams
  • Round - A series of matches that occur at the same stage of the tournament
  • Loser's Bracket - This only exists in a tournament using the double elimination format. In the loser's bracket, the teams that lost their first round match meet each other. The loser of this match is eliminated from the tournament and the winner progresses to the next elimination match. Repeat for the loser of the first match of the next round
  • Final - In this scenario, the team that didn't lose a single match (Team number 1 in the example) plays the team that emerges victorious from the Loser's Bracket (i.e., the team that lost and dropped to the Loser's Bracket, but won every match from then on)
  • Bonus Round - Because Team 4 won the first match of the third round, and Team 1 had not previously lost a match, a bonus round is granted. Team 1 then wins the bonus round, and thus wins the entire tournament

As part of the Grand Finals, we have included a small bonus code that can be used once per account. Click the QR code at right.


We hope this helps you out! See you again in a few days!